As a charity tournament organizer, it’s important to you to host a fun, memorable event that will keep your golfers returning year after year! Here are ten ideas to elevate the experience of your outing for your golfers:

Live Scoring

1. Live Mobile Device Scoring keeps golfers engaged: Live Scoring can up the excitement of your charity tournament by allowing players to track how they’re doing in comparison to others in real-time. This creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and ups the ante among players who came to win! Plus, they won’t be stuck dealing with frustrating paper scoring that can get damaged, lost or forgotten.

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Live Scoring

2. Hole-in-one contests build a buzz: A big-stakes hole-in-one competition (think: car, trip, $10,000 grand prizes!) is a great way for charity tournament organizers to build a buzz around their event. And, hole-in-one insurance is the ticket to getting there WITHOUT risking your fundraising dollars.

Click here for a guide to hosting a hole-in-one contest with hole-in-one insurance.

Live Scoring

3. Sponsorship activations bring value for everyone: Forge strong partnerships with sponsors to enhance the participant experience through branded activations. From interactive booths with giveaways, to sponsored challenges, provide opportunities for sponsors to engage directly with participants, maximizing brand exposure and adding more fun factor to the event.

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Live Scoring

4. Online auctions up the anticipation: Host an online auction featuring exclusive experiences, memorabilia, and items donated by sponsors and partners. By offering unique items for participants to bid on, such as VIP packages or signed merchandise, you not only raise more funds for you worthy cause, but also create excitement and camaraderie among attendees.

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Live Scoring

5.Social media brings the virtual fun: Integrate social media into your tournament experience to extend its reach and engagement beyond in-person. Encourage participants to share their experiences, photos, and achievements in real-time, creating a sense of community and excitement both on and off the course.

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6. Welcome kits set the tone from the start: Delight participants with personalized welcome kits upon registration, including branded merchandise, course maps, and special offers from sponsors. This thoughtful gesture sets a positive tone for the tournament experience and makes participants feel valued and appreciated from the outset.

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7. On-course entertainment zones create memorable pit stops: Enhance the on-course experience by incorporating entertainment zones in strategic locations. From live music to food and beverage stations, provide participants with opportunities to relax, recharge and enjoy themselves between rounds.

8. Photography captures moments to treasure: Hire a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture the highlights of the tournament, including action shots and candid moments. Participants can relive their experiences through high-quality photos and share them with friends and family, creating lasting memories and extending the reach of your event. Use fun backgrounds and props for photo-ops like this face cut-out banner or a step & repeat sign from Event Caddy Signs.

9. Interactive award ceremonies bring people together: Transform the traditional awards ceremony into an interactive and memorable experience. Incorporate multimedia presentations, live entertainment, and interactive elements to celebrate participants' achievements in style.

10. Post-event surveys help you continuously improve: Gather feedback from participants through post-event surveys to understand their experience and identify what they loved, and what can be improved. By listening to their input and incorporating suggestions into future tournaments, you demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and building long-term relationships with participants.

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