Charity golf tournaments are a fantastic way to raise money for your nonprofit or favorite cause. And while golfer registrations and sponsorships are a great path toward your fundraising goals, adding extra opportunities for revenue and engagement can add a serious boost to your efforts. This is where silent auctions come in – they can be an effective way to increase your impact while engaging your golfers, sponsors and supporters.  

Some ideas for what to sell during your silent auction include: donations from sponsors, unique experiences or a round of golf at your host course. 

While in-person auctions during your event are great, adding or opting for an online version allows for greater promotion to drive up those bids and an enhanced experience for your bidders. Read on to discover all the benefits of an online auction and how the NEW Event Caddy app can help you do it. 

1. Online auctions can reach a wider audience 

One of the main advantages of an online silent auction is that you can reach a much larger audience than a traditional in-person one. With the hustle and bustle of event day, your supporters may miss or not have time to place a bid in-person. With an online auction, your golfers can bid from anywhere at any time, and you can promote your auction through social media, email, and other digital channels.  

online golf auctions

online golf auctions

2. Easier access + increased bidding time means more revenue

Since an online silent auction can reach a wider audience and make it easier for people to bid, it can also result in higher bids and more revenue for your charity. Plus – since the auction is online, you can keep it open for a longer period of time, giving people more opportunity to bid and potentially drive up the final price of each item. 

3. Saved time and resources  

Organizing an in-person auction can be a lot of work and requires a lot of resources. With an online silent auction, you can save time and money by reducing the need for printed pages, clip boards, and volunteers to monitor bidding. The new Event Caddy App has a silent auction feature that allows you to create and manage your auction entirely online, which can save you a lot of time and hassle. 

online golf silent auctions

Use the Event Caddy App to host your first online silent auction!

Event Caddy Silent Auctions for Golf Tournament Events

Online Silent Auctions are just one of the Event Caddy App features that can help you enhance your golfers’ experience while tapping into more opportunities for revenue.  

Available with Event Caddy PRO and Elite, with the silent auction module you can: add items with photos, set limits, keep an eye on bidding and send a text message to the winner.  

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Hosting an online silent auction as part of your charity golf tournament can be a great way to boost your fundraising efforts while saving time and resources. And the Event Caddy App feature can help make it easier and more efficient than ever before. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you to raise more money for your cause?