Can Event Caddy be incorporated into my current tournament website?
If you already have a website for your golf event, we don’t expect you to start again. In your tournament settings you will find a link for an embedded registration page that can be used on your existing website.
I already have online registration, how will Event Caddy help?
Online registrations done through Event Caddy are linked to a number of different tools that will make managing your tournament a whole lot easier. Things like: Automated budgeting, Player database, sponsorship database, SMS messaging and much more!
Our tournament collects a number of check/cash payments, am I still able to use Event Caddy FREE?
Absolutely! Event Caddy FREE will still allow you to build a website, collect credit card payments and much more! However, the PRO upgrade will allow you to get all players into your Event Caddy account and utilize all of our time saving features.
When do I receive player payments?
Online credit card transactions will be deposited into your bank account 48 hours after the player has registered for your event. Unfortunately, with cash/check registrations it will be up to you to hunt them down.
Why does it take 48 hours to deposit the money into my account?
This is for security reasons that Stripe adheres to, and we think it's smart of them. In order to ensure funds are transferred and transactions clear successfully (without having to worry about chargebacks or NSF fees), payments made through Stripe are held in virtual escrow until all funds are validated. In this way, the chance of an NSF charge is almost eliminated, and it saves everyone money in the long run.
I don't know the first thing about web design or code!
We wouldn't expect you to, so that's why our website builder is drag-and-drop easy! If you've ever used Word before, or even something a bit more technical like WordPress, you will be able to create a really slick, functioning site for your tournament in Event Caddy. And if you ever run into trouble, our support team is just a click away!