As a charity golf tournament organizer, have you ever found yourself looking for an exciting activity to include in your event that will help you attract more players and boost anticipation while engaging your sponsors?

Our advice: host a hole-in-one contest! A hole-in-one competition not only ticks all of the boxes above, but is sure to create a buzz your guests will be talking about long before and after the big day.

...But what if someone actually wins, you ask?

When your focus is on raising money for a charity or cause that means so much to you, we know that the last thing you want to think about is a potential big payout for prizes. And while a contest winner may be unlikely – about 12,500:1 odds for the average amateur golfer – this is where hole-in-one insurance has your back so you can breathe easy.

Read on for our tournament organizer’s guide to hole-in-one contests and using all-important hole-in-one insurance, so you can host an exciting outing, without risking your charity’s bottom line:

The basic steps to planning a hole-in-one contest

Male golfers posing for picture holding up a hole in one contest sign

High-five! You’ve decided to host a hole-in-contest. But, where do you get started, and how do you make sure it’s a success? Here’s an overview of the the key steps to planning and hosting this portion of your charity tournament:

  1. Engage sponsors by offering for them to sponsor your hole-in-one challenge. You can offer value through the power of experiential marketing, event signage and related promotion materials. All they have to do is cover the cost of your insurance (plus a little extra if you like!). They’re sure to love having all of your attendees’ eyes on them come event day.
  2. Pick a hole-in-one insurance provider such as Event Caddy Marketplace Hole-In-One Insurance* who can help you execute a professional-quality contest complete with promotion signage and coverage that protects you should there be a big winner. Work with your provider to determine your cash prize value, the associated insurance cost and learn about their rules and guidelines for contest execution.

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  3. Include the contest and it’s grand prize as part of your print and digital marketing efforts as an exciting draw to your event.
  4. Arrange your contest witness(es). The criteria and number of witnesses required depends on the prize value you are insuring.
  5. Event day setup: No hole-in-one contest is complete without high-quality event signage that promotes your sponsors, guides golfers throughout the course, and advertises your big event.

    Event Caddy Marketplace’s Hole-In-One Insurance package
    Here's an example of the signage you’ll get with Event Caddy Marketplace’s Hole-In-One Insurance package!

  6. Ensure your proper witnesses are in place, check that you’ve covered your bases with your insurance provider, and enjoy the fun on tournament day! If someone does happen to win the contest, follow the directions of your hole-in-one insurance provider to make your claim for the winner, and finally, be sure to share this excitement on your tournament social media accounts, building great buzz for next year!

How hole-in-one coverage works

With a hole-in-one insurance policy in place, tournament organizers don’t have to budget for elaborate prizes in the rare event that someone shoots an ace. Instead, your insurance provider will assume responsibility for covering the prize. Simply put, hole-in-one coverage is the affordable way to advertise huge cash prizes at your event!

Choosing a leading hole-in-one insurance provider: Event Caddy Marketplace Hole-In-One Insurance

Three men standign in front of a grey car posing for a picture while holding up a flag

Starting at just $270, Event Caddy Marketplace Hole-In-One Insurance provides every customer with the very best service, as well as fast and affordable hole-in-one insurance quotes. What sets our hole-in-one insurance packages apart is that promotional tee box signage is included and you also receive bonus prizes with every insurance purchase. That’s right – these amazing bonus hole-in-one prize packages will also be provided to place on three additional par-3 holes with no extra cost to you!

Exclusive to Event Caddy tournament organizers, our hole-in-one insurance is just one of the exciting offerings in Event Caddy’s Marketplace module – designed as a one-stop-shop for organizers to help make their events a tremendous success.

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As you can see, a hole-in-one contest is a great way to achieve that memorable event you’ve dreamed of – and hole-in-one insurance is your ticket to getting there without risking your fundraising dollars! If you have any more questions about contests or insurance we haven’t covered here, we’re here to help. Click here to connect with one of our tournament specialists today.