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You can automate your workflows and relieve yourself of the challenges that come with organizing a golf tournament using the many features offered by Event Caddy.

Tournament Website

Event Caddy's easy-to-use website builder allows organizers to quickly create a professional looking tournament website. Your sponsors and players will be impressed with how it works seamlessly on computers, phones and tablets.

Drag and drop social media widgets, upload photo galleries and more! We make it simple to have your tournament website up and running within minutes.

Data & Reports

Need to know if your event is profitable or on budget?

Event Caddy’s budget tool helps you stay organized and up to date with your expenses and revenues. Generate reports, track live payments from players, online store purchases and so much more!

You don’t have to wait until the event is over to see if you’ve reached your goal. Simply login to your dashboard to check your real-time progress. Event Caddy can even display a live goal tracker on your website if you want to share publicly.

Marketing & Communication

Event Caddy is packed with great marketing tools to help you communicate with players and sponsors through e-mail and text!

Inviting players to your event? Simply import your contacts and send out a personalized e-mail using our built-in e-mail tool.

Rain causing a delay the morning of your event? Use the text messaging tool to send out a text message to all the players and volunteers, letting everyone know of the delay instantly.

Accept Secure Payments

Event Caddy makes it easy to accept payments from players, sponsors and more!

Access to accept credit, cash or check payments, generate invoices, and track payment statuses all within one dashboard.

Learn more about Stripe by clicking here.

Online Store

Looking to sell some additional items?

Event Caddy's Online Store feature gives tournament organizers the ability to sell anything above and beyond a typical player registration. Things like: Sponsorship, Raffle tickets, mulligans and much more.

Registration Packages

Create a standard package, speciality priced packages only shared with those you choose, or even create a FREE one.

With Event Caddy you can quickly build out which registration packages you'd like to offer your players. Special pricing for foursomes? Not a problem. As a tournament organizer, you're in complete control of the prices and team size for each package.

Copy Tournaments

Planning your next event just got a whole lot easier with Event Caddy. Duplicate any of your previous events so you can be up and running in minutes.

Simply log into your admin dashboard and choose the ‘Clone Existing Tournament’ button at the top of the page. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which sections you want to copy over – registration packages, store items, event website and more – before starting the cloning process. Yep, it’s that easy.

Player Changes

Let players manage their orders, update their information and more to reduce administrative headaches.

Players can access past transactions and admins can see the updated information displayed live on Event Caddy's Player Manager.




Website Features
Tournament Website Builder
Add Your Own Logo & Images to Tournament Website
Photo Gallery & Social Media Links
Course Information Page with Map Directions
Upload Sponsor Logos & Links
Sponsor Acknowledgement Logo Ticker on Homepage
Mobile Device Scoring & Live Leaderboard
Custom Ad Banner for Sponsor in Mobile Device Scoring App
Add Tracking Bar To Show Progress Towards Your Goal
Custom Tournament URL

Plus $30 USD
Player Features
Unlimited Players
Online Credit Card Player Registration
Golfer Pairings and Hole Assignments
Player Registration & Bag Drop List Export
Offer Free Player Registration Packages
Ability to track pending Cash or Check Payments
Register Players Directly Through Admin Dashboard
Fundraising & Sponsorships
Create Different Sponsor Tiers/Levels

Plus 2.5% fee on auction purchases

Plus 2.5% fee on auction purchases
E-Commerce Store with Ability to Upsell at Checkout
Accept Online Sponsorship Payments
Create & Send Thank You Emails for Purchases, Sponsorships & Donations
Accept Donations Online All Year Round
Marketing Features
Email Blast Marketing Tool
Import Your Existing Contacts
Built-In Text Messaging - Great Way to Acknowledge Sponsors!
(500 Texts Included)
Reporting/Admin Features
Clone Past Tournaments
Unlimited Administrative Users
Revenue & Expense Tracking
Professional Services
Live Support 9am-5pm EST M-F
Four Hours Of Advisory Consultation
Event Site Build by Tournament Specialist Using Event Caddy's Template
Custom Designed Homepage Banner and Online Store Package Icons
Tournament Specialist Imports Your Contacts
Configuring, Testing & Sending of Initial Email Templates
Full Review of Event Site with Tournament Specialist (1 hour)