From sponsors to formats to activations – charity golf tournaments have different nuances than other types of fundraising events. So why settle for a generic event planning platform that doesn’t serve your needs? Event Caddy offers a range of features specifically tailored for golf tournaments.

With the advent of specialized golf event planning software like Event Caddy, you can manage all aspects of your event from a single place with ease. Read on to explore the unique benefits of using Event Caddy over general event planning platforms like Eventbrite or Cvent:

Female golfer in red shirt and male golfer in striped grey shirt talking to their team

1. Automate Registration Lists and Efficiently Manage Your Pairings

One of Event Caddy’s key advantages is the ability to automate registration lists based on your tournament format. By automating registration lists, Event Caddy allows team leads to register and manage their foursome participants directly online, saving you valuable time and ensuring accurate player assignments.

Creating pairings for a golf tournament can be a challenging task, especially when you have a large number of participants. Event Caddy simplifies this process by providing intuitive tools to help you manage pairings. The software takes into account your tournament format, whether it’s a tee time or shotgun start, then allows you to simply drag and drop the teams onto a properly formatted tee sheet, so that you can easily download and hand it over to your course tournament manager.

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Event Caddy App includes Live Scoring

2. Includes a Live Scoring App to Enhance your Golfer Experience

Live Scoring can up the excitement of your charity tournament by allowing players to track on their phone how they’re doing in comparison to others in real-time. This creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and ups the ante among players who came to win! Plus, they won’t be stuck dealing with frustrating paper scoring that can get damaged, lost or forgotten.

…And it doesn’t hurt that manually counting scores will be wiped from your to-do list!

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3. Seamlessly Connect Your Golf Course Details:

Event Caddy seamlessly integrates with your golf course's information, enabling a smooth flow of data and communication. This integration allows you to:

  • Display real-time course information on your Event Caddy tournament website
  • Connect the Live Scoring App to display the course scorecard
  • And provides admin access to your course tournament manager for easy access to your bag drop lists and tee sheets on event day

Mulligan Tickets

4. Sell Mulligans and Raffle Tickets Directly from Your Tournament Website:

Fundraising activities like selling mulligans, raffle tickets or branded apparel are essential components of a golf tournament. With Event Caddy’s online store, you can sell these items directly from your tournament website, eliminating the need for additional platforms or manual processes. Participants can easily purchase items online with their registration prior to arriving at the course, enhancing convenience for both organizers and players. This feature also streamlines financial transactions, improves record-keeping, and maximizes revenue potential.

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5. More Opportunities to Feature Sponsors

Sponsorships play a significant role in golf tournaments, and Event Caddy provides various opportunities to showcase your sponsors. From posting their logos on our website carousel and featuring them in text message updates with our text messaging tool, to showcasing them as an item donor on your online silent auction with the Event Caddy App. This creates a win-win situation by enhancing the tournament experience and providing valuable exposure for sponsors.

When it comes to planning and managing a golf tournament, Event Caddy offers a tailored and comprehensive solution that supports you better than general event planning platforms. The automation of registration lists, efficient pairing management, seamless integration with golf course details, and the ability to sell mulligans and raffle tickets directly from your tournament website make Event Caddy a game-changer for tournament organizers.

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