What’s an indoor golf simulator?

Golf simulators like X-Golf feature indoor screens with swing sensors that offer virtual play on world famous courses. These venues often include immersive experiences that include fun games, food and a bar.

Why host an indoor golf tournament?

Simplified Planning

Simplified planning

Indoor tournaments are less time and resource-intensive due to pre-equipped venues and simpler logistics.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Host small groups over multiple days, accommodating busy schedules and maximizing attendance. Golf play averages only 1-3 hours.

Inclusive for non-golfers

Inclusive for non-golfers

Virtual golf can be less intimidating for beginners, attracting a broader audience and increasing support for your cause.

Year round appeal

Year round appeal

Avoid seasonal limitations with indoor tournaments, ensuring consistent engagement regardless of weather.

Plan your indoor tournament with Event Caddy

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Indoor tournament checklist:

  • Select a venue and choose your date(s). TIP: visit golfnow.com/indoor-golf-simulators to find a venue in your area.
  • Launch your tournament website with online registration. TIP: Create a professional-looking site in minutes with Event Caddy’s easy builder!
  • Create sponsorship packages. TIP: Talk to your venue about opportunities to display sponsor logos on the virtual golf screen.
  • Send e-blast invitations. TIP: Our Email Invitation Templates make it effortless!
  • Promote on social media. TIP: Use our Charity Golf Tournament Content Calendar for post ideas.
  • Secure event sponsors.
  • Arrange prize donations. TIP: Host a silent auction on the Event Caddy App.
  • Finalize logistics and execute!

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