Are you ready to take your charity golf tournament revenue to the next level? We have an exciting new resource that can help you maximize your fundraising efforts: A Guide to Hosting a Successful Online Auction for Your Charity Golf Event. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to host an online auction that drives bids and wows your supporters.

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Why host an online golf auction?

Online auctions are a fantastic way to increase donations for your cause. They provide a convenient and flexible experience, allowing your supporters to bid from their personal devices, whether they are at the event or participating remotely.

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  • Gathering auction items: Learn how to tap into your connections for donations, find great items, and tailor your auction to your audience.
  • Setting up your online auction: Discover how to set up an online auction that compels bids such as using high-quality images, and writing item descriptions.
  • Pricing strategies: Get insights on setting minimum bids and bidding increments to find the perfect pricing strategy.

About Event Caddy’s Online Auctions App

Event Caddy’s Online Auction platform is an excellent choice for hosting your auction. With user-friendly features and robust support, it ensures your auction runs smoothly from start to finish. You can easily upload high-quality images, manage bids, take payments and keep your supporters engaged throughout the event.

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