Anyone who has played a round of golf knows that improving your game requires a great deal of hard work.

Running a charity golf event is no different! Hosting the same old event year after year can result in a decline in both players and revenue.

In order to keep players interested, new ideas and improvements must be implemented.

Most events will offer their players the option to purchase additional items while onsite in hopes of bringing in some additional revenue. Things like: mulligans (which allow players to redo a bad shot), raffle tickets for a chance to win a prize, and of course, auctions.  While these are known to generate some additional revenue for your event, it is crucial you continue to improve and look for new ideas to help increase revenue and improve the overall player experience.  After all, players are your main source of revenue.

Managing a golf event can quickly become very overwhelming, so we’ve put our heads together and listed some of our favourite fundraising ideas that will not only improve the player's experience, but will help to increase the amount of money raised.

Contest Package:

A great way to get some additional cash from your players is to offer a contest package.  This package can include entry to all on-course contests (hole-in-one, longest drive, closest to the pin).  To add a bit more value to this package, toss in a couple of mulligans and raffle tickets.  Most players will opt in to this package if done correctly.

On Course Contests:

It’s common for tournaments to host a number of contests throughout the day.  Things like: hole-in-one, closest to the pin, and longest drive. If your tournament is full of serious players, these contests are great. But more often than not, a large portion of your participants don’t stand a chance at winning any of these. Try to create a few contests that will give everyone the opportunity to win. Things like coin tosses and putting contests are a great way to give those not-so-skilled players a chance to win.


Golf Clinic:

Many of your invitees might pass up the opportunity to play in these charity golf events due to a lack of skill.  Check with your host course for Pro Rates and to ensure they can facilitate this, but a good option is to offer a group lesson.  This allows for those who may be a little embarrassed about their game the opportunity to improve and still support your event. With a few helpful tips, they may even end up participating in your event next time around. Set a time that will allow the clinic participants to take part in any refreshments or meals that are planned following your event.


Tradition is a big part of the game of golf. While innovation and new ideas will definitely help set your event apart, be sure to take advantage of some of those traditional fundraising methods that have been proven to bring in some additional revenue. Things like:


The option to donate is never going to hurt your event.  Some of your golfers may reach into their pockets and choose to donate some additional money, however their contribution will likely come from golf fees and other activities during the event.  The key here is to offer this option to those who can’t make it to your event.  Having a golf event registration website in place will definitely help with this.


The sale of mulligans are one of the most common fundraising tools used at golf tournaments in order to bring in some additional revenue.  Coupons for mulligans are sold to players, allowing them to retake any shot during tournament play.  These can be sold individually or as a package.

Raffle Tickets:

Raffle tickets are another incentive that are offered at most events.  Raffle tickets are sold for a chance to win either a price or half of the money raised.  You’ll want to ensure you have a great prize for this in order to attract buyers.  Reach out to your host course for foursomes and other gift ideas.  You can also reach out to potential sponsors to donate prizes.


Often I hear people say that golf isn’t about beating your opponent but rather improving your personal score.  However, it’s quite apparent that golfers are always trying to outperform their playing partners.  Typically, this competitive nature will be present itself once again during the auction.  Again, reach out to your host course and potential sponsors for possible gift donations.  You may also want to list your auction items prior to your event to get the excitement and bids rolling.


These are some of our favourite fundraising tools, however, keep in mind that participants are the main source of revenue for your tournament.  Remember, golfers love to tell others about their round. Ensuring all players have a good time should be you number one priority if you’re looking to grow next year.