Concerts and galas and bake sales, oh my!

There’s no doubt that with physical distancing recommendations in place, certain fundraising formats simply aren’t as feasible as they once were.

...But that doesn't mean your important cause can (or should!) go on without fundraising events in 2021.

When you still need to get your community together to raise funds for your charity amidst this new normal, the key is to find a social distancing-friendly event format that guests can enjoy while staying as safe as possible.

One of the best kinds that’s sure to fit the bill? A golf tournament!

Here are the key reasons why you should consider golf for your upcoming fundraising event (and why so many already have).

It can naturally adhere to social distancing.

Unlike indoor events that often involve close proximity, if appropriate safety measures are followed, golf is a natural fit for social distancing recommendations. Because of the outdoor format, the ability to spread out tee-off times and limit communal surfaces or areas, golf can prove a much safer option for your fundraiser.

Plus, a golf tournament format provides a lot of flexibility – and depending on local laws and recommendations – you can adjust your plans accordingly. For example, to further promote social distancing, you can choose to host the post-tournament dinner via Zoom, or move your auction or contests to online only.

three golfers wearing pink and white golfing attire, playing a charity golf tournament with social distancing.

You can safeguard your event with tournament management software.

By taking advantage of the virtual platforms available on a software like Event Caddy, you can safeguard your tournament plans, while avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact for your golfers every step of the way. Here’s just a few of the ways how:

  • With our Live Scoring feature, players can use their own devices to keep score, and track others. Plus, your staff can review all of the scores without the need to touch players’ physical scorecards.
  • Ask players to check in via text message or phone call and use Event Caddy’s Text Messaging Tool to inform players that they can go directly to their holes for a shotgun start.
  • With the ability to create an Online Store & Auction with the Event Caddy Website Builder, you can move all of those fundraising “extras” to virtual only for less in-person contact on event day.
  • Should you choose to secure a backup date with your course in case you need to postpone, Event Caddy’s Email Marketing Tool will help you keep committed and potential guests updated at all times.

Even if you’re completely new to the world of golf, having tournament management software on your side makes the planning process so self-explanatory, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

Discover how three Event Caddy tournament organizers (including one first-timer!) were able to adapt their tournament plans and host safe, successful golf tournaments amidst COVID-19.

The activation opportunities are endless.

With golf tournaments, your fundraising efforts don’t have to end at player registration! Here are a some social distancing-friendly sponsorship activation & contest ideas that are just as safe as they are fun.

Golfers wearing blue and pink smiling in a golf cart while using a charity golf tournament software application on their mobile phone.

If you’re thinking about hosting a golf tournament in 2021, we’d love to help you make it a success. Having worked with over 8,000 tournament organizers both pre and post pandemic, we’re sure to have some insights (and free technology!) that will be of value to you.

Ask us a question or schedule a demo for free Event Caddy tournament management software today.