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Marketing & Promoting Golf Tournament Fundraisers

Everyone loves golf and hosting your own tournament can be profitable. It’s true, there’s lots of golf lovers out there but getting them to attend your charity golf tournament or fundraiser can actually prove to be quite difficult.

You’ll want to promote your event as much as possible through as many channels as possible, but remember to avoid swinging for the fences. We all want to land that huge sponsor or large group of players but consistency and solid base hits will no doubt generate the best result.

When you’re marketing your charity golf tournament it’s important to remember that nobody actually needs to attend your golf event. Your focus should be on selling something else such as the cause, great prizes, the experience, and so on.

Here’s a few pro tips to make your event more attractive to those golf lovers:

The Venue:
Finding a venue that your guests will be excited to play at is a huge component in your turnout. Location is by far the most important factor. Be sure to find a venue in a central location, it ensures your guests can get to the event with ease. No one wants to have an hour or two drive home after a long day on the course. If it’s going to be a hike for a good portion of the attendees be sure to provide appropriate accommodations.

Secondly, you’ll want to find a course that suits the eagerness and skill level of your guests. If you’re expecting avid golfers, try and find a course that will excite them. Often times a private course can help with this. Many golfers will jump at the opportunity to play on a private course that they would not normally have access to, especially if it’s for a good cause.

If you’re expecting a booze filled day with sub par golfers, then the 19th hole and available beverages may be the important factors in your decision.

The Cause:
Promoting the cause rather than the event itself can go a long way when trying to increase numbers. Getting players away from the office for a day of golf isn’t usually too difficult, but if they can associate it with supporting a good cause it’ll prove even easier. Be sure to utilize any resources you can to promote the charity. Youtube videos, links to the foundation, or even foundation goals can go a long way in helping a potential guest to make a decision.  


Prizes & Contests:
Let’s face it; a good venue and an even better cause are huge factors in generating a good turnout, but nothing beats an event with great prizes and lots of activities. This may not be atop of the list for potential sponsors, but we can guarantee when executed correctly can bring the players out in the masses. 

Promoting some great prizes on your invitations and registration site are a good way to seal the deal with those potential players. Also if you’re hosting an auction don’t hesitate to list a few of those items as well. Many players love this component of the tournament as it’s a chance to walk away with some great deals.

Here are a few prize/contests options that we like:

  • Hole in One Prize

  • Chance to Win a Car

  • Closest to the Keg (for those beer lovers)

  • Team Skins - Chance for players to win some cash

  • Sports Tickets

  • Golf Clubs


Simplified Sign-Up:
Your tournament has a lot of moving parts and it’s hard to keep things simple on your end. However, you should strive to make it as easy as possible for players and sponsors to sign up for your event. The days of pdf forms and mailing in checks should be well behind you. Make it easy on your players and sponsors!

It’s extremely important to utilize your current relationships to attract golfers and sponsors to your event. Don’t be afraid to hit them hard… Friends and co-workers are always willing to play a game of golf to help a friend.

If it’s a company tournament, make sure you contact all of your customers and reach out to those businesses who you are closest to. If your tournament has a committee, make it a task for each committee member to bring in a couple foursomes. You’ll be surprised how quickly your tournament will fill up.

Fishing with Dynamite:
Post information about your event in as many places are you can. Just remember, players/sponsors usually come from your own network so don’t waste too much time promoting your event to the rest of the world. Here’s a couple suggestions:

  • Social (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Local Newspapers

  • Charity/Foundation Website or Newsletters

  • Email Blasts

  • Personal Phone Calls

Marketing and promoting your charity golf event can certainly help increase the numbers, but it’s important to remember that each tournament is different. Find out what works best for your event and keep at it.