In this day and age it’s crucial that your golf tournament has an online presence. With easy to use website builders anyone can now quickly launch a website and start to create that online presence.

When building out your golf tournament website it’s important to keep it simple. Your players/sponsors do not want to read paragraphs of information or sort through multiple pages to find what they are looking for. Here’s what we believe you should focus on:

Tournament Name: 

Your name identifies who you are and what you’re doing. Add a clear and catchy tournament name to your site so guests can quickly understand the purpose of the event. If possible, try and avoid the typical tournament names such as; Golf Fore Kids or Golf Fore Charity. You’ll want to create one that’s unique to your cause and easy for players and sponsors to remember (E.g Event Caddy’s Chipping for Children).


Tournament Info:

When creating content for your golf tournament website be sure to keep your info light. We suggest just a quick note outlining the event, date, schedule, and of course prices. Remember, your players/sponsors are there to register and find some basic info. Don’t make them sort through pages and pages of info.

For you Event Caddy users,  you can always add more info to the automated registration email that will be sent to your players.



When building out your golf tournament website be sure to add some call to actions. Adding links directing players or sponsors in the right area will ensure that those computer illiterate guests will be able to find what they need.

Remember, the goal is to get your players/sponsors to sign up so be sure to add multiple registration links within the content. Consider adding in some social links so your guests can quickly share the event. This may help generate some new leads for your event.


Adding photos/videos to your golf tournament website is a great way to show off your event. Not only will it give your past players a great memory of your event it will help newcomers gain a quick understanding what they can expect. Your past players may even be interested in sharing these images/videos on their social networks which could help increase the visibility of your tournament and encourage newcomers.


Contact Info:

No matter how much information you provide, when running a golf tournament you’re without a doubt going to receive some inquiries. Be sure to have a clear ‘contact us’ section so guests can quickly obtain your information. This will also give newcomers the ability to reach out prior to registering.