Ending The Golf Tournament on a Good Note


While the golf tends to be the main attraction and ultimately what will attract the guests; it is just as important to put some effort into the dinner and awards following.

Golf tends to be a sport that pulls you back. A terrible round seems to always end on a high note. Whether it be a birdie or even just a par, it’s that last hole performance that will make your day and keep you interested.


The awards and dinner portion of your event is no different.. It’s your 18th hole. A well run awards ceremony can not only help you raise more funds but ensure your guests enjoyed their day and remain interested in your event.


Here Are a Few Tips to Consider When Planning Your Next Post Golf Reception


Incorporate Sponsors: Sponsors pay big money to be apart of your day. Give them the recognition they deserve. Players may have missed their signs on the course but will no doubt listen come closing ceremonies. You could even give them the opportunity to say a few words.


Pace of Play: Golf is already a very time consuming sport. Your guests have likely been at the course for 5 or 6 hours so It’s crucial to make sure things move quickly after the event. There’s nothing worse than an event that drags on.


Emcee: Are you a master of ceremonies? If not, consider hiring one. A good emcee that keeps guests engaged and interested goes a long way. Consider reaching out to former athletes or local tv personalities.


Prizes/Auction: Be sure to have some good items up for grabs. A great way to keep guests interested is to offer raffle prizes or even an auction. This way everyone has a chance to leave with something.


Stop Selling: Your guests have already paid some good money to be at your event. While it’s fine to run some extra money making initiatives during the ceremony, it’s important to make sure you don’t over do it. Some guests will no doubt be willing to contribute some more but most just want to enjoy the dinner.


There are many different approaches to the post golf reception, however as long as your guests enjoy themselves and remain interested you’ll do just fine. The last thing you want is to see your golfers leaving early. Make it quick, entertaining, and enjoyable for all and you’ll no doubt see many of the same faces again next year.