While 2020 has been a challenging year for tournament planners alike – it’s also brought light to how much we can accomplish when communities come together to support one another.

And in that same giving spirit, in-kind sponsorships are a great option for your fundraising efforts as you approach businesses and individuals in support of your charity tournament. 

Although very different from direct cash donations, in-kind sponsorships have potential to make your tournament more attractive to golfers, open a wider range of fundraising opportunities and so much more. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about in-kind sponsorships, and how they can add serious value to your upcoming charity tournament. 



What are in-kind sponsorships?

Put simply, in-kind sponsorships provide value in the form of goods and services instead of direct monetary donations.

A handshake between two drawn green hands about in-kind sponsorship for a fundraising golf tournament



What’s the biggest misconception about in-kind donations?

Many tournament organizers hold the misconception that in-kind sponsorships are less valuable than monetary sponsorships. However, when you find the right in-kind sponsors, and utilize their donations the right way, they can make a huge difference in the overall experience for your participants and success of your tournament. 



How can in-kind sponsorships provide value for my charity golf tournament?

In-kind sponsors will not only provide goods that can be gifted to your golfers, but potential services designed to add value to your overall event, such as media advertising, printing services, entertainment or even hotel and car rental accommodations for out of town VIP guests! 

Three fundraising golf clubs tied with a golden bowtie laying on hardwood floor.



How can I find in-kind sponsors? 

Great news! Due to the flexibility non-monetary donations can bring, in-kind sponsorships are easier to find, which can mean less time spent soliciting potential prospects.

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